The UK’s Road network plays a pivotal role in bringing people together, connecting communities and building the UK economy. For owners and operators it’s challenging times with the demands for cleaner, greener and more efficient use of public funds.

We support that ambition as a collaborative partner on frameworks with National Highways, Connect Plus M25 and local authorities, delivering a wide range of enhancements to our roads and highways. Those close relationships enable a razor sharp focus on what’s important – keeping the network open and moving safely, reducing carbon and delivering efficiencies.

Through early, transparent engagement with customers, suppliers, and communities we can help to create solutions based on our shared knowledge and expertise. Different thinking is encouraged, and standards are challenged to innovate and meet challenging project targets and most importantly keep everyone safe.

Whether it’s a new road, bridge replacement or refurbishment or a new cycleway we take the time to improve the lives of local communities and de-carbonise our activities for a sustainable legacy.

“I find the service given to be top class because Octavius understand Highways England priorities” – Stephen Edwards, Regional Performance Manager, National Highways

Delivering Better Outcomes

We all face global economic and industry change of an unprecedented scale and speed. The only real certainty in all this is uncertainty!

It has never been more important that all our people have the ability to work outside of their comfort zones in less than certain environments. We all need to learn openly from every event and share that knowledge as widely as possible across the industry. No single individual, team or organisation is infallible.

Smart Roads

Active management of traffic flows helps keep people moving safely to their destination. We work with National Highways and Connect Plus M25 to design and install the infrastructure and technology that monitors traffic conditions and communicates ‘live’ information to road users.

A key component of the design for these projects, is the need for comprehensive asset data and ground conditions. Where possible we use non-intrusive methods to keep everyone safe. On the M25 we have used effectively to map the M25. The resultant 3D maps and visualisations aid both design and installation and the wealth of data becomes valuable for future network enhancements, saving cost and time.


Structures are a passion and a strength, and we relish projects where others may shy away. Whether we are replacing a bridge, providing a new structure, completing a structural repair or undertaking maintenance, we approach each project with clever ideas and meticulous attention to detail.

We will integrate with the customer’s team and engage with our specialist suppliers to develop the most cost-effective solutions, that keep everyone moving safely on the road and rail network.

Safe Cycle Routes

Cycle routes are an intrinsic part of our nation’s infrastructure, as we develop inter-connected modes of transport to enable cleaner, greener, and healthier choices. At Octavius our people can solve the practical challenges of expanding the network of safe cycle routes and integrating cycling facilities with multi-modal transport hubs for seamless travel. Every solution draws upon our wealth of experience in step-free access at rail stations, bridges, underpasses and car parks for road, rail and city centre improvements.

Contact Us

Please contact Mike Todd for further information via mike.todd@octaviusinfrastructure.co.uk