How Technology Smooths the Path of Highways Project Handover

Operational handover of highways projects is one of the many aspects of our business that has been quietly revolutionised by technology. Using cloud based tools for information sharing and management makes the process of handing over complete Health & Safety, maintenance and as-built data more straightforward than ever.

Naturally, the technology is only part of the story. It’s also about ways of working and communicating that can take advantage of clever tech.

We start out by agreeing the scope and specification of the required information with our customer. Investing time and effort at an early stage saves energy and cost at the end of the project. When we are working within a framework agreement this is a one-off investment that brings benefits to all of the call-off projects.

With clear specifications and expectations, it’s then possible to organise partners and subcontractors to create and collate the required data in the right formats.

Part of the Plan

Historically, the industry has tended to see technical handover as a phase tacked on the end of the project. Gaps are then left as the priority shifts to bringing the highway or asset into operation. Quality control over the accuracy and completeness of handover information was sometimes lacking as a result.

When the expectations are clear from the outset we can incorporate the collation of handover information into the project plan. It can then be tracked and quality assured along with other deliverables.

As-built data is more complete and detailed than ever. BIM allows us to pin detailed information to each element in the project and to share that information using 3D models that are available to all partners.

Cloud technology has liberated our customers from paper records, inconsistent formatting and having critical project data and documents spread over multiple databases and servers.

We see detailed handover information and a smooth handover process as integral in the value equation. Among other factors such as simplifying future maintenance, minimising disruption and collaborative partnerships, the handover process is part of value-based rather than cost-based contracting on highways projects.